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The Boaters' Christian Fellowship

Fellowship with the Boaters' Christian Fellowship

The Boaters' Christian Fellowshsip are committed to enabling our members to find Christian friends and to enjoy one another’s company.

We encourage fellowship through both chance and planned meetings whilst on and off the waterways. To facilitate this, members display the BCF logos on their boats, enabling instant recognition. The Members' Directory (updated four times a year) enables easy identification of opportunities for fellowship as members visit all areas of the country.

BCF get-togethers are great opportunities to meet up afloat, in each others home, over a meal, on an outing or at a church service. Details of these events are published in the BCF magazine The Word, produced four times a year. Members are encouraged to arrange and/or join in such gatherings whenever they can.

We enable members without boats to be matched up with boaters needing crew through a scheme called Crew Connections.

Many of us have built strong friendships with other members through our involvement with BCF.

Boaters' Christian Fellowship members enjoying time together by a lock.
Boaters' Christian Fellowship members enjoying a meal together.

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