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The Boaters' Christian Fellowship

Meet a Member!

BCF members come from all walks of life. They have different and varied Christian backgrounds. Some own a boat, or used to, while others still dream of ownership.

We have members who just enjoy being part of an Inland Waterways fellowship. What we all have in common is a love of our Lord and the Inland Waterways.

Come and meet some of our members. Click on the links below to open up a short, personal testimony. Keep a look out when you are out and about. Many of our members have a BCF sticker in their boat window. They will be pleased to say hello and talk to you.

Clementine Barton

David Barton

Peter Braybrook ¶ ‡

Peter Carless

Stephen Carter ¶ ‡

Tim Clarke

Tracey Clarke

Alan Dilnot

Hazel Dilnot

Glenda Dodds

Peter Ekins

Annie Gentry

David Litchfield

Barbara Lower

John Lower

Lincoln Mansfield

Julie Thorn

Peter Thorn

Marian Thomas

Keith Yeandel¬† ‡

¶ - Committee Member
‡ - Currrently owns a boat

BCF members: If you would like to be included in this section, please

Canalway Cavalcade, Little Venice.Canalway Cavalcade at Little Venice

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