The Boaters' Christian Fellowship

The Committee of the Boaters' Christian Fellowship

The BCF Committee is made up of willing volunteers who serve the fellowship by meeting together at least three times a year. Between them they ensure the smooth running of what is a fairly unique group. Members are spread across the country - we even have a number of members who live abroad, even to the other side of the world!

The committee overseas what we do, from the mundane such as ensuring we have enough literature, to more important things like praying for and supporting the membership. Some of our committee have been involved in the fellowship from the very beginning, others are much more recent members. But all share the vision of creating and maintaining not just Christian Fellowship amongst our members, but also to make known the name of our Lord across the waterways.

BCF Members can be seen across the country at various shows and festivals. We also have a presence at the Crick Boat Show, where you are always very welcome to come along and meet us.

Jan Halford, current Chair of the BCF.

Jan Halford


Peter Braybrook, General Secretary

Peter Braybrook

AWCC Representative

Stephen Carter, Treasurer

Stephen Carter

Treasurer &
Membership Secretary

Chris Buck, Canal Ministries

Chris Buck

Canal Ministries

Gwyneth Carter, Quartermaster

Gwyneth Carter


Adrian Dann, Committee Member

Adrian Dann

Committee Member

Chris Dann, Committee Member

Christine Dann

Committee Member

David Litchfield, Witness Coordinator

David Litchfield

Witness Coordinator

Fergus McCloghry, Committee Member

Fergus McCloghry

Committee Member

Kim McCloghry, Committee Member

Kim McCloghry

Committee Member

Gill Speight, Prayer Coordinator

Gill Speight

Prayer Coordinator

John Speight, Committee Member

John Speight

Committee Member

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