The Boaters' Christian Fellowship

About the Boaters' Christian Fellowship

The Boaters' Christian Fellowship is a group of Christians who appreciate the Inland Waterways.

The BCF was founded in 1995 by Alan and Hazel Dilnot, and now has over 600 members (individuals, couples and families), with approximately 350 privately owned boats between them. However, owning a boat is not a condition of membership. We have members who hire, some who live near a canal, some who crew on other members' boats - and some who live abroad!

We are from all denominations, and we only ask that members support our aims.

We are corporate members of the IWA (Inland Waterways Association) and AWCC (Association of Waterways Cruising Clubs). We are a registered charity.

The aims of the BCF are Fellowship, Worship and Witness.

Jan Halford, current Chair of the BCF.Jan Halford, Chair

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